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24x7 Support Infra-Structure

.Our team of developers and system administrators are constantly improving our service offering Like Administrative/End User Control Panels for our users and our partners. 

We use the Port monitoring services, if there is a problem with our servers we are notified immediately and we have technicians available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Our MRTG Gateway server continuously monitors the network and bandwidth loads and sends immediate alerts to our Network administrators in case of emergencies. Thus, you receive a complete graphical view of the traffic load and usage of resources on your servers at all the times.

4.24x7x365 Server/Service monitoring.

5.We support the following platforms:
Windows NT 4.0 / 2000 
Suse Linux 6.x and above / Redhat Linux 5.x and above 
Cobalt Linux  

6.We use;Intel SR 2100 2U Rackserver
STL 2 M/B 133 FSB Dual Processer Capable
18GB x 2 Ultra2 SCSI HDD (RAID 0) HotSwappable
1 GHZ Single Processor
100 MBPS Intelpro NIC Onboard

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