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Benifits of Private Brand Host

Program Benefits

  • Increase brand recognition.

  • Increase revenues with the addition of new and improved services.

  • Significant revenue opportunity without the investment.

  • Wholesale prices translate into generous Profits from sales.

  • Immediate technical support and Priority of operations.

  • Proven and Guaranteed service levels.

  • No technical expertise needed.

How do you and your customers gain from Private Brand Hosting?

From speed to security, reliability to flexibility, Private Brand Host  offers an assortment of benefits for you and your customers. Our goal for Private Brand Host is to set the standard for performance in the Web hosting industry. 

- With our extensive knowledge and experience doing business on the Internet, Private Brand Host is looking to help other businesses to effectively do business on the Web. 

Service and Support
- PrivateBrandHost's resources are focused on making sure that your Website is continuously up and running at peak performance. We Value customer interaction before and after the sale to provide reliable and speedy customer service. 

- Private Brand Host servers are well-protected, both physically and digitally. Our advanced security measures Like Port monitoring Systems help protect your Website and E-Mail accounts from Spamming and hacking. We monitor site security 24 hours a day to keep intruders out of our network; our Network Level Firewalls are configured to prevent IP Spoofing and Data Snooping. In sum, your network, software, and data are safe at the Private Brand Host.

Speed - Private Brand Host data center is serviced by redundant connections so your Internet connectivity will have built-in redundancy - resulting in better reliability. The connections serving the data center are routed directly to major Internet Tier 1 providers where your server's traffic will be handed off to the provider who can deliver it most reliably. 

- Private Brand Host offers powerful servers with multiple platforms. Our state-of-the-art equipments are built to withstand the heavy Web traffic. 

- Immediate Setup Guaranteed on all Solutions. To help small- and medium-sized businesses to establish their Websites quickly, Private Brand Host is offering a  24 Hours a day,7 Days a Week support guarantee for you.

- Private Brand Host guarantees 99.9% uptime for Web site availability. Our Support Center Contentiously monitors around the clock for Speed, Security and Uptime. 

- As your site grows in size and Scale, Private Brand Host offers cutting edge Service Level Agreements in convenient packages to serve any need on virtually all leading platforms to meet your business needs.

Latest Technology
- Private Brand Host uses some of the latest technology that is available. Similarly we also keep pace with rapidly improving technology in the Web Hosting industry. 

Price and Scalability
- Private Brand Host offers a reliable, Flexible and affordable Web Hosting solution. Private Brand Host offers flexible hosting Packages so that you pay for exactly what you need. Our hosting options allow you to upgrade seamlessly from a shared to Semi-Dedicated to Dedicated server as your business grows and its needs change.

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