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Profile: Drushti-Private Brand Host

Looking for new ways to generate a strong revenue Channel from your web site ? 
Consider joining Private Brand Host's private Brand Hosting.

Private Brand Host's private Brand Hosting solution Package is focused on providing wholesale web hosting services to ISP’s, web developers and Small Hosting Providers.

  • We provide a complete solution that is robust, incorporates State of the art technology and is easy to use.

  • By combining our solution with your business, you will experience a profitable and stable total hosting solution.

What is the Private Brand Hosting
1. Private Brand Hosting helps your business to offer successful line of Virtual Hosting Services under your own brand name, with your look and feel designed specifically for Your individual company.

2. It seamlessly links you to high-value applications without the huge capital expenditure form buying software, Technical Know how, Work Force, Support and maintenance, allowing you to redirect those savings back into your     organization.

3. Offers your clients, and/or web site visitors dynamic, reliable and affordable hosting and support.

4. The Private Brand Hosting relieves you of the stress associated with buying new equipment, integrating systems and launching similar services yourself.

5. You don't have to know anything about the hosting business. You don't have to invest in costly hosting infrastructure. You don't even have to deal with hosting customer service. All you have to do is promote the service and then let us do all the work for YOU.

6. You can potentially double your service offering in the matter of weeks. You can generate immediate revenue streams with a substantial technical and competitive advantage

Organizations that could benefit from Private Brand Hosting:

  • Associations 

  • Business Services 

  • Professional Organizations 

  • Web Designers

  • Software Companies

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